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Meet Our Founder

-Author, Mentor, and Coach

Recipient of the America’s Big Sister Award, and recognition in the Chicago Voyage Magazine, Dominique Robinson, aka Coach Dominique, is an author, mentor, certified life coach, founder, and executive director of a non-profit organization based in Chicago, Illinois.

She is a women’s empowerment activist who strives to impact women and girls worldwide and has also appeared as a guest speaker on multiple podcasts. Dominique started as a guide and mentor for young girls but later got certified as a life coach upon receiving multiple inquires to coach adult women, and moms.

Dominique is passionate about encouraging and empowering women from all age groups. She also serves as a “parenting coach” and helps nurture and foster relationships between moms and daughters.

With the idea of strengthening their communication and overall bond, Dominque authored a workbook titled, “Between Us A Mother and Daughter workbook to strengthen communication.” In the book, she talks about ways of connecting with family and building healthier mother and daughter relationships.

Coach Dominique established her non-profit organization, Pretty Me Inc., in 2016. With the thought of providing guidance and mentorship, Pretty Me Inc. aspires young girls in self-esteem, self-worth, and confidence in this digital era.

Dominique loves watching women and young ladies turn their goals into accomplishments and achieve great things in life. The feeling replicates as a drive, in her, the passion for helping and guiding as many women and girls as she can.

Girls Mentoring
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