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Our Program

Girls Mentoring

Mental Health Initiative

Mental Health among our youth is EXTREMLY important. According to World Health Organization approximately 15%–20% of children and adolescents are suffering from some form of mental health disorder. Furthermore, 70% of mental health disorders onset prior to the age of 25, making the adolescent years a critical window in which mental health can be promoted, and mental health problems can be addressed.

Pretty Me Inc incorporates positive mental health activities, lessons, and outings into our program. In addition, we also end each group session with what we call "Mental Health Moments with Monique". During this time our mentees and mentors are taught a variety of skills to help manage and maintain a positive, and healthy state of mind. This is led by licensed clinical therapist, Monique Johnson, LCPC, NCC, RPT, who specializes in working with youth and families. 

Some Core Curriculum Topics 

Wellness-Healthy Living

Inner Strength & Good Choices

Education & Career (prep)

Financial Acumen

Leadership Development...


Complete a minimum of 12 service hours

Attend Various Events, Outings & Workshops

Complete 1yr Of Mentor Pairing

Provided Internship Opportunities

STEM Program *coming soon*

In school program *coming soon*


Community Engagement

Participate in service projects

Mentor Pairings
In addition to our group sessions, mentees are paired with a mentor for the duration of 1 year. Mentors are required to meet with the mentee at a minimum of 1x per week via phone/text, and a minimum of 1xper month via in person/ video. Mentors and mentees are paired based on shared interest, personality, and cultural background. All mentors submit to a thorough back ground check prior to being accepted into PMI.

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