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Our Programs


On-site Group Mentoring

Bi-weekly Saturday meetings provide face to face time for mentors and mentees to converse, connect, and address any concerns the mentee may have.

Mentoring Curriculum

Mentor led curriculum focuses on but are not limited to:

  • Peer Pressure

  • Social Anxieties

  • Self-Identification

  • Communication

  • Relationship Building

Individual Support

Regular personal mentor check-ins offer individual support to Pretty Me Inc members   

in-between meetings.

Service Learning & Social Connections

Volunteer outings allow Pretty Me Inc members to support the community while practicing empathy and responsibility.

Pretty Me Inc social outings enhance friendships among the members and offer opportunities for members to try fun, new experiences.

98% of girls feel pressure from outside sources to look a certain way.


"I am apart of Pretty Me Inc because whenever i needed a shoulder to lean on, one of my PMI sisters or mentors are there. Through those times i never had to worry about my feelings or being judged, the loyalty is what makes me stay. In today's society loyalty is very rare, and not everyone is genuine. As young ladies we have to stick together to become the powerful force that is needed. That is what Pretty Me Inc is all about. Pretty is me, Pretty is you, and Pretty is US!
Jala 16

"Sometimes as a girl it's hard to find other peers who will not judge you, but can relate to you and give advice. In PMI you can vent, laugh, help the community, have fun, and better yourself all at once! PMI is a HUGE help for me. There are times i have no one to turn to, sometimes the biggest vent can be about the closest person and only person you have to vent to. The mentors of PMI are like mothers, sisters, and best friends to me. It helps me with a lot of things and i hope it can help many other girls my age."


Desiree 16

"PMI is a place where I feel safe to express myself without being judged. I feel as if I can relate to all of the girls, and I get useful feedback. I look forward to going to PMI and learning new things each time." 

Nanci 17

A Message from our founder


Dominique Robinson

Thank you so much for visiting us on the web.


Without the continued support and recognition from you, we would not be able to successfully help our beautiful young ladies develop into strong, confident leaders. So for that, we thank you!


 Studies show that 7 in 10 girls believe they are not good enough or don’t measure up in their looks, school performance or personal relationships. A lack of self-confidence affects the thoughts and actions of everyday life.  Without proper guidance, many adolescents turn to negative behavior, aggression and self-harm as a means of coping.

Pretty Me Inc. is a guided outlet that mentors girls to believe in themselves, and gives them the opportunity to engage with other girls their age who can relate.


Join our movement and help us continue to make a difference in the lives of our youth. 

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